Best for Beginners. Best Organized. Marathon of the Monuments. The will-do, must-do, can-do marathon.


Great medal + Amazing crowds + Terrific weekend getaway + the Marines=an Instant Running Favorite. The Marine Corps Historic Half features colonial sites, a quaint downtown and the now famous Hospital Hill. Registration for the Half, Semper 5ive and Devil Dog Double opens on January 17, 2018.


Want to run the MCM? All finishers in the Marine Corps 17.75K earn a guaranteed entry into the MCM. The 17.75K distance reflects the year the USMC was founded.


The messiest MCM event guarantees runners will slip, slide and slosh through nearly four miles of wild obstacles, fun challenges and muddy terrain.


On Saturday, June 15, in the spirit of the Marines who earned the nickname "Devil Dogs" - run 4.97 miles on Quantico's hills and trails.


Open water swim in the Potomac, followed by a bike tour of Marine Corps Base Quantico, then a 5K run. The Quantico Tri happens annually in August and is accompanied by the Quantico 12K for those only seeking a running challenge.


The Quantico 12K hosts a 7.46 mile run-only option on the same day as the Quantico Tri, each August. The 12K runs through Officer Candidates School and finishes on the famed OCS PT field. Preparation begins here for Marines, as well as many runners training for the MCM.


Featuring fall foliage, a petting zoo and the wildest, most festive Thanksgiving-themed shirt anywhere, the Turkey Trot 10K and Mile offer a final calorie burning opportunity before the holiday indulgence.




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